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B&R Display Keypad (Blue)

B&R Display Keypad (Blue)

B & R Display Keypad Sticker

Made with heavy industrial grade materials to go through the everyday wear and tear. Accurately  colors to resemble the original counterpart.

High quality adhesive is used to ensure optimal performance under any weather and humidity conditions. B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort.

Brilliant displays with a wide viewing angle provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states.


Model Number
: 4P3040.01-490
LCD display
: 5.7“  QVGA (145 mm)
Total Keys
: 40
Function keys
: 16, with LEDs, labeled with legend sheets
System keys
: 24 (number block, cursor block, control keys)
Digital inputs
: 10
Digital outputs
: 8
Instruction cycle time
: 0.5 μs (average value with 70% bit and 30% analog processing)
Memory (SRAM / System PROM)
: 700 kB / 600 kB
Flash PROM
: 1.4 MB
Status display
: LEDs
screw-in module
: 6 Slots

Key Features

Caution: Please connect the wire and test the keypads before pasting it on the Machine/HMI just to ensure that everything is in working order beforehand.

Easy to fix Premium Quality Flexible.

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  • Model: B&R Display Keypad (Blue)
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