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Zebronics Keyboard

Zebronics Keyboard
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Zebronics Keyboard

Brand                                     ZEBRONICS

Compatible Devices              Laptop, desktop,all devices having USB port

Connector Type                    USB

Keyboard Description           Multimedia

Special Feature                    Split Keyset Design


Technical Details


Brand                              ZEBRONICS

Manufacturer                  ZEBRONICS, Zebronics India

  Private Limited

Model                             Zeb- K35 (Black)

Model Name                  ZEB-K35 USB KEYBOARD

Product Dimensions      2.5 x 43.8 x 14.2 cm; 460 Grams

Item model number       Zeb- K35 (Black)

Compatible Devices      Laptop, desktop,all devices having USB port

Special Features            Split Keyset Design

Mounting Hardware       Keyboard - 1 unit

Number Of Items           1

Batteries Required         No

Keyboard Description   Multimedia

Connector Type            USB

Manufacturer               ZEBRONICS

Country of Origin        China

Item Weight                 460 g


About this item


· ZEB-K35 is a USB keyboard that comes in a slim design.

· It has 106 keys that are UV coated, comfortable, and tactile

· Easy plug and play installation.

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