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Commander S

0.18 to 4 kW (0.25 to 5 hp)
1Φ 100 & 200 V, 3Φ 200 & 400

Making simple applications, simple.

Take charge of motor control and energy savings with the latest addition to the Control Techniques portfolio. With a feature set optimised for simple applications, Commander S provides a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug and play convenience straight from the box.

Commander S is the first drive to come with an app interface as a standard feature. The Marshal app is our revolutionary way to interface with the drive covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.

Marshal: your drive expert in the field 

Revolutionise the way you interface with your drive

Control Techniques has a long tradition of challenging the status-quo with innovative ideas and making a profound impact in the drives industry. And we've done it again with Marshal: Control Techniques is the 1st drive supplier to implement NFC technology as standard on a drive and offer the Marshal app interface at no extra cost

Marshal is your drive expert in the field. This rich content interface means you can commission, clone, diagnose system issues and monitor the drive in just a few screen taps. 

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